Know the Score:

Food Inspection Results

The St. Charles County Department of Public Health is responsible for assuring the regular inspection of food service establishments in St. Charles County. Currently the Department regularly inspects all such establishments except within the corporate limits of St. Peters.

Inspections are based on a starting score of 100 with points deducted during the inspection for various items found to be in need of correction. The number of points deducted is related to the potential seriousness of the deficiency. St. Charles County does not post a letter score.

Several important things to note: A low score does NOT mean a restaurant was unsafe to eat in on the day of the inspection.

Anytime a restaurant is found to pose an imminent threat to the public health it is closed. This is a rare occurrence. Nonetheless, no establishment that does pose such a threat would be allowed to continue operations until all problems that were identified had been corrected.

Restaurant scores are a tool to help your health department communicate with owners and managers of food establishments. They are in the business of serving the public and are as concerned with food safety and sanitation as we are. We work in a spirit of consultation and partnership so that together we can assure a safe and healthy dining experience.